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About Us

Lenkomtech Company produces special machinery and spare parts for it. The main field of activity is production of vacuum units for liquid waste collection and transportation. Production premises cover area of 4000 m2 that enables us to complete and execute large scale orders. Our customers highly appreciate product quality, which is achieved by means of employment of modern manufacturing approaches and the work of high-skilled professionals. We use new Italian equipment for tank production, welding is carried out by means of Japanese equipment, besides we’ve launched new painting line – product painting is now effectuated with the use of Italian painting materials the significantly increases its service life.

Lenkomtech product range is constantly widening. For the time being we do supply special vehicles for various purposes: fuel tankers, cement carriers, tanks for edibles, dry feed loaders and utility vehicles. We do also manufacture spare parts and components for the above mentioned units: vacuum pumps, utility equipment, sewage tanks, spare parts for dry feed loaders, oilfield equipment and spare parts for fuel tankers, compressors for cement carriers and their components, power take-off devices, hydraulic cylinders, brushes, knives, black liners for harvesting equipment, detachable equipment for tractors. For interested customers imported JUROP and HPP pumps are included into catalogues.

We have recently started production of vacuum tanks (series ЛКТ-ВМ) for hook lifts with multi-lift system. Multi-lift tanks widen hook lifts area of application – they can be used in collection of domestic household waste.

Among innovations of Lenkomtech there’re vacuum semi-trailers (series ЛКТ-В) for МТЗ tractors. These semi-trailer tanks complete tractors’ versatility. They’re significantly more efficient than vacuum vehicles and are very comfortable for agricultural use.

One of our latest engineering design works is sprinkling semi-trailer for tractors. These trailers are widely applied in utility services and agriculture. Possible design variants include self-pumping and self-pumping combined with fire extinguishing system.

Tractor semi-trailers possess certificates of conformity with technical requirements of the Customs Union.
Download certificate for vacuum semi-trailer ЛКТ-В
Download certificate for sprinkling semi-trailer ЛКТ-П

Lenkomtech production facility is located in the closed city of Zarechniy. Customer service offices are located in Penza, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnogorsk (Moscow region). Our customers are provided with flexible logistics policy. Product delivery is carried out by Transport Company upon customer’s choice. Products can be delivered by our own transport and ferrying of special vehicles can be carried out by our drivers. Special vehicles can be also received at our stands in Krasnogorsk and Moscow.

We do work with customers from all over Russia and other countries. We’d be glad to cooperate with you!

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