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Liquid meter PPO-25

Liquid meter PPO-25
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Article: 1946
Цена: RUB

Applicability: for fuel tanker
Delivery: our driver, the transportation company, pickup. Other delivery options
DescriptionTechnical features

Meter PPO-25, installed at fuelling vehicles measures the volume of pumped liquid. Its high precision enables its use not only at private vehicle fuelling but also for commercial purpose. Operating principle of PPO-25 meter is based on rotation of oval gears under water current. Values can be displayed on analog dial and on electronic indicating unit.

Characteristic Value
Meters PPO-25/1,6 SU-0,25 PPO-25/1,6 SU-0,5
Acceptable measurement error ±0,25 ±0,5
Division value 0,1 l 0,1 l
NPS 25 mm 25 mm
Operating temperature -40º — +60º -40º — +60º
Liquid pressure 1,6 MPa 1,6 MPa
Liquid viscosity 0,55х10-6 m2/с — 300х10-6 m2 0,55х10-6 m2/с — 300х10-6 m2
Rated flow
for viscosity:
(0,55 — 6)х10-6 m2
(6 — 300)х10-6 m2

3,6 m3
3 m3

3,6 m3
3 m3
Weight 7,5 кг 7,5 кг
Dimensions 263х200х200 mm 263х200х200 mm

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