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Liquid meter PPO-40

Liquid meter PPO-40
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Article: 1948
Цена: RUB

Applicability: for fuel tanker
Delivery: our driver, the transportation company, pickup. Other delivery options
DescriptionTechnical features

Meter PPO-40, installed at fuelling vehicles, measures the volume of pumped fuel. PPO-40 belongs to mechanical meters with flange connections and oval gears which rotate under liquid flow. Counting device transfers the number of rotations into volume of pumped liquid. Besides PPO-40 meters are equipped with signal pickups which transfers gear rotation angle into electric impulses and transmits them to controller.

Characteristic Value
Meters PPO-40/0,6 SU-0,25 PPO-40/0,6 SU-0,5
Acceptable measurement error ±0,25 ±0,5
Division value 0,1 l 0,1 l
NPS 40 mm 40 mm
Operating temperature -40º — +60º -40º — +60º
Liquid pressure 0,6 MPa 0,6 MPa
Liquid viscosity 0,55х10-6 m2/s — 300х10-6 m2/s 20х10-6 m2/s — 2000х10-6 m2/s
Rated flow
for viscosity:
(0,55 — 6)х10-6 m2/s
(6 — 60)х10-6 m2/s
(60 — 300)х10-6 m2/s

18 m3/h
15 m3/h
12 m3/h

8 m3/h
8 m3/h
8 m3/h
Weight 20 kg 20 kg
Dimensions 305х270х270 mm 305х270х270 mm

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