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Pump SVN-80 for fuel tanker

Pump SVN-80 for fuel tanker
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Article: 1901
Цена: RUB

Applicability: for fuel tanker
Delivery: our driver, the transportation company, pickup. Other delivery options
DescriptionTechnical features

SVN-80А – self-priming turbine pump, pumping light petrochemicals and water, which do not contain mechanical impurities. The pump is applied at fuel tankers (connected to vehicle engine through power take-off unit) and at oil depots, where it is driven by electric engine.

One of the advantages of SVN-80 А pump is the material it’s made of. Aluminum alloy significantly decreases pump weight – which is very important for fuelling equipment.

Characteristic Value
Liquid supply 35 m3/h
Liquid head 26 m
Rotation speed 1450 rpm
Pumped liquid viscosity 2х10-6 m3/s
Weight 17,6 kg
Dimensions 424х245х305 mm

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