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Stationary tanker LKT-VP

Stationary tanker LKT-VP
Stationary tanker LKT-VP Stationary tanker LKT-VP Stationary tanker LKT-VP Stationary tanker LKT-VP Stationary tanker LKT-VP Stationary tanker LKT-VP
Attention! The image of the product may differ
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Article: 3312
Type of drive:
Price: RUB

Tank capacity: 2, 4, 5 m3
Availability: on order
Colors: blue, orange
Delivery: our driver, the transportation company, pickup. Other delivery options
DescriptionTechnical featuresEquipment

Application of LKT-VP

  • Collection of water and its further transportation to utilization/recycling spot. Exhausting of sewage tanks, cesspools, car wash drains and ships’ holds.
  • Collection of liquid bio waste (blood) from meat processing facilities and its further transportation for further processing.
  • Collection, transportation and storage of technical water.

Possibilities of LKT-VP

  • Equipped with vacuum pumps of domestic (KO series) and foreign origin.
  • Vacuum tank design and manufacturing according to the customer’s technical assignment.
  • Painting to color upon customer’s request.
Characteristic Value
Capacity 2, 4, 5 m3
Suction depth 6 m
Pump output 310 m3
Tank filling time 5 min
Maximum vacuum 0,08 MPa
Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions, LхWхH 3600х1800х2100 mm
Range of operating temperatures from –20°С to +55°С
Type of mechanism With telescopic extension
Tank is equipped with:
  • Spherical glory holes, enabling tank filling monitoring.
  • Signaling safety device with float valve, pressure and vacuum valve.
  • Scrape-type butterfly valve.
  • Freeze-proof light PVC suction hose D100, 6 m long.

Design variants of LKT-VP

  • Hydraulically driven vacuum pump unit.
  • Vacuum pump unit driven by gasoline or diesel engine.
  • Vacuum pump unit with electric drive 380 V.

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