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Fuelling semi-trailer tank LKT-TZ

Fuelling semi-trailer tank LKT-TZ
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Article: 3913
Price: RUB

Tank capacity: 2, 4, 5 m3
Chassis: tractor
Availability: on order
Colors: orange
Delivery: our driver, the transportation company, pickup. Other delivery options
DescriptionTechnical features
Semi-trailer tractor fueling tank LKT-TZ is intended for the use together with tractors and special vehicles VTZ, MTZ to supply machinery with diesel fuel. Semi-trailer is used with tractors Belarus MTZ-82, Belarus MTZ-80 and their analogs from other manufacturers. All systems of the equipment are driven by tractor engine. Semi-trailer tank is very simple in its use and can be operated by one person. LKT-TZ equipment enables MTZ tractors to reach 25 km/h travelling speed. Trailer equipment is equipped with high output pump – its operating speed is 56 liters per minute.
Characteristic Value
Unit type Semi-mounted
Tank capacity, m3, not less than, useful capacity, not more than 4,0
Pump characteristic: output, m3/h (l/min) 3,36  ( 56 )
Tank pressure, MPa expansion pressure, not less than, excess pressure, not more than 0,00025
Travelling speed, km/h, not more than 25
Parking brake system Mechanical
Clearance, mm, not less than 400
Maintenance personnel, not more than 1 (tractor driver/operator)
Dimensions, mm:
- length 4600
- width 2200
- height 2500
Weight, kg, not more than 1800
Reliability rate According to fuel distribution pump

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