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What are the delivery methods of products?

Most of our products we ship using shipping companies. On customer request we can deliver on the transport. This service is beneficial in cases of delivery of oversized cargo or products in large volume.

At whose expense is shipping to the transport company?

Product delivery to terminal transport company in the region of the seller is free of charge. The client only pays the transport company at their rates for shipping between terminals.

Cargo is delivered by the transport company to the terminal in the buyer. The carrier contacts the buyer and informs about the arrival of the goods. Then by power of attorney from the organization or the passport (if the goods are sent to a private individual) to receive the item. Payment is due upon receipt by cash or Bank transfer.

The Lenkomtech is not related to service delivery, therefore, is not responsible for any delay or error in shipping.

How is shipping to the CIS and other?

Delivery of products from Russia to the CIS country by transport companies having there terminal, for example, TC Energy, RATEK, PEK.

What is the delivery time of products?

Shipment of products is available, carried out in the shortest possible time (1-2 days). The speed of delivery to the recipient depends on the transport company and distance.

Delivery of products to customers is carried out through transport companies. To the terminal of the carrier in our region, we takes the goods free of charge. Shipment is done after payment for the term, which is negotiated with manager. Time and cost depend on the carrier.

Shipping days:
  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday